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Midfielder Donates Winnings

Newcastle midfielder Dan Gosling has given away all his winnings as he fears a serious punishment from Football Association. Midfielder Gosling thought it was perfectly alright to place his bet during the Champions League on Man United games, is awaiting a judgment from the Football Association in the upcoming week. In anxiety that this judgment will determine his fate and future in the game, the midfielder has chosen to give away all his winnings from the betting to a charity run by New Castle once he was caught  red handed by the FA.

Unfortunately the Newcastle midfielder has been a part of quite a number of such instances where he has time and again betted on different football games, being unaware of the fact that he could not bet any money on such games. The ex Skipper of the Under 21 team of England was absolutely taken aback when he received the call about the accusation on him and at once handed all his records over to the Football Association investigators. He took the step ahead and donated all his winning amount which was a little under 5000 pounds to the Newcastle’s Foundation.

In his defense the midfielder said that he was simply supporting the Red Devils in the Champions League, and was absolutely unaware of the fact that in the process any rules were being broken by him. Gosling further admitted that he has also placed his bets on accumulators along with the few Premier League Matches.

This Devon born midfielder ironically started his winning spree only this season and was continuously losing money in the last couple of years. Hence this backset will not only affect his career in football, but also his bank account. Gosling himself asked for a hearing from the FA since he wanted to explain his background well.

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After remarkable first season in which Swansea not only lifted their first major trophy in their history, but also qualified for the Europa league, the club are struggling to reach the heights of last season. In fact, they are close to getting into the relegation dogfight, which has put the future of manager Michael Laudrup in question. The team has been unable to cope with the rigours of playing European football, but Laudrup would have been expected to get better results given the amount of spending he did in the summer.

The club suffered yet another home defeat – this time against Tottenham. After the 3-1 defeat, Laudrup admitted that it was a very poor showing from his team. This was the third consecutive league defeat for the club, who have now slipped closer to the relegation zone. There are only three points above the relegation zone, which must be a cause for concern. However, the upcoming matches provide chance for Swansea to get back to winning ways, as they will be playing against teams in and around them.

Laudrup said that his team played well until the opening goal from Tottenham, which appeared to deflate his team. He was not prepared to blame anyone, as he said that things always go against the team that is struggling.

“We have to accept this is a very difficult moment for us. We had a couple of good chances, we hit the cross bar – and then the first time they hit the target they score a goal. But that is what happens when you are struggling and we have to admit that in terms of winning we are struggling in the league. The only way you can change that is by winning a game or two, and that’s what we have to do,” said Laudrup.

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Swansea City’s match against Cardiff City saw them losing 1-0 and not only that but also having to witness one of their goal-scorers Michu being taken off the playing field as he suffered an ankle injury that will leave him unable to play for next 3 or 4 weeks according to the medical staff.

Manager Michael Laudrup confirmed Michu’s injury is worse than originally thought.

“He hasn’t been 100% and now he is out again for maybe three or four weeks,” said Laudrup. He is our top scorer for last year and he has been struggling for the last two, three or four weeks’’.

“He has also been struggling with his knees for many weeks, but he wanted to play anyway. He is one of our important players, and knows with the ankle injury he can get his knees solved as well.”

It was initially believed that Michu was only going to miss out the following 2 matches of Swansea but the injury he sustained was in a much worse condition than originally believed leaving him out of the playing fields for a while longer.

They have to play against Valencia on November 28th hoping to secure a qualification spot for the Europa League which will be accomplished by just claiming a draw in their upcoming matches.

Michu was going through problems with his knee and ankle for the past few weeks but the Spanish player desired to play and so he was added to the main team but was ultimately taken off the pitch as the injury was too much for him to endure.

The Spanish forward was enjoying a sensational time with Swansea City becoming the main star of his team as the goals rely more on him than anyone else of the squad.